Valentines Day Gift Guide for Him

valentines gift ideas for him

Are you searching for some Valentine’s day gift ideas for him? My husband and I are celebrating 9 years of marriage this year. WHATTTTT. How did that happen?  We have been together for 14 years which is even crazier.  I remember our early Valentines days when we were dating I used to be so lovey […]

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Types of Childhood Trauma – Parenting Foster Children

Foster Parenting Children with Trauma You accept a new placement into your home.  You hear a little bit about their story and are really sad at their past and what they have had to endure.  At first, everything seems great but soon you see different behaviours emerging.  The child gets emotional quickly, they look frightened […]

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2018 New Year New Mom – Goal Setting

how to set and achieve goals

Let’s talk about New Years Resolutions, Goal Setting and Priorities for moms. This post contains affiliate links.  To read the full disclosure go here. We all know how busy life is a mom.  There is always so many plates to juggle. Maybe you are looking back at last year and thinking, I didn’t accomplish what I […]

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Opiod Orphans – A Foster Care Crisis

neonatal abstinence syndrome

OPIOID ORPHANS The Drug and Opioid Crisis in the USA and Canada Watch the video for a more complete picture of this epidemic I always knew drugs were a big reason that children, especially babies come into foster care. It was one of the biggest reasons I wanted to help children in care.  Babies affected […]

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Foster Care Binder – Free Printables

Foster Care Binder Free Printable

Foster Care Binder – Keeping it organized (this post contains affiliate links to see my full disclosure read here) The one thing that is certain about foster care, is there is a TON of paperwork.  Having an organized foster care binder will make your life so much easier. There can be a lot of transition […]

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