10 lbs gone in one week.

Hey Lovelies, I just wanted to post my vlog here.  I am going to be doing weekly vlogs as I shrink.  I had a great first week and I am feeling better already.  I feel committed.  I feel strong, and just so happy that I am finally making the decision to take care of myself.  If mama isn’t happy than no one is happy! I am documenting my journey, not only to keep myself accountable, but hopefully to inspire other busy moms that you can do this too!

Week one Vlog

This week I am trying to work on getting more intense work outs in, upping my water intake, and upping my protein intake. Also trying to get breakfast in earlier.  With how busy my days are taking care of the kiddos I still find I am not eating breakfast til about 11!  I also may incorporate a little detox smoothie cleanse for a couple days! We will see how that goes!


XoX Kait

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