Monthly Archives: November 2016

Men Tell All! The Bachelorette Canada

So this week was the Men tell All! It is always fun to see the guys all come back, and give their input on the show.  First lets talk about the Chris and Drew drama.  Drew is definitely a bit of a bully.  He thinks he is all that and […]

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The Bachelorette Canada – Hometown Dates

Well what did you guys think of this week’s hometown dates? This week Jasmine visited Makhel in Newmarket ON,  Mike in Winnipeg and Kevin in Waterloo Ontario, which is in my neck of the woods! One of my clients actually works with a girl who dated him haha! Mahkel’s date […]

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Married Sex

So this is a bit out of my comfort zone to write about, but for some reason I just feel like good things are going to come from me typing this! So here goes nothing! Sex.  I’ve been having it for a while now, so that kinda makes me an […]

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