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Navigating the tough questions from your Foster Children

Navigating the tough questions from your foster children There is a lot of tough questions in foster care. Questions from the agency to get approved, questions from friends and family who don’t understand why you would put yourself through this, and most importantly questions from the kids in your care. […]

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Growing up with a sibling with Down Syndrome.

Happy WORLD DOWN SYNDROME Day! Did you know DS rocks?  I mean people that have been blessed with an extra chromosome, are truly some of the best people I have ever met. Sure they may not have the intellect that us full chromosomers have, but their hearts?  I am convinced God […]

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How to get a baby to sleep: 9 Tips and Tricks

How to get a baby to sleep. 9 Tried and True Tips from a mom of many. Alright mamas, I have had one incredibly tough baby.  I have had one incredibly easy baby.  I have had 6 foster babies. All with different sleep needs.  I kinda have some experience with […]

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At Home Microdermabrasion with Eminence.

At Home Microdermabrasion If you have ever had a microderm treatment done, you will know you feel like you have a brand new fresh face.  A complete new layer of skin.  You will also know this costs a pretty penny. If you have never had one done, please save up […]

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Repairing Damaged Hair Fast

How to Repair Damaged Hair Fried, dried and petrified?  Is that what your hair is feeling like these days? Maybe you have bleached it one too many times? Maybe you have been doing it your self with less than great colour? Maybe you have been hitting it heavy with heat […]

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Transitioning Home – Reunification in Foster Care

Reunification in foster care is always the ultimate goal. When everyone does their job correctly within the system, this is a happy end goal.  There is joy, yet there is heartbreak. We got news a couple of weeks ago that our boys will be transitioning home at the end of […]

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