Adios 2016

Wow.  Another year has come and gone.  2016 was a huge year for my family and I.  We started fostering, and have had 6 kiddos in our home.  That is really crazy to process, because that sounds a bit crazy when I type it out but it truly has been wonderful.  There is so many unknowns in foster care and when we signed up I definitely did not see 6 kids in our first year… makes me a little apprehensive as to what next year will bring! Fostering has changed our family for the better.  We have learned so much about ourselves.  We have found strengths, and weaknesses we didn’t know we had.  Our hearts have grown, and our hearts have been broken.  Our girls have learned so much compassion and love for these kids.  We have grown tighter as a family unit not only because they are getting older, but because of all the emotions we have had to face welcoming children in and then seeing them leave.  We know we are the core four and we rely on each other.  We hope 2017 brings a little one into our life that we will be able to adopt, and have as our forever child.


2016 also brought us to the world of school.  Sweets started junior kindergarten this year and we have had to adjust to being away from each other every day, and the crazy morning rush of getting 4 kids ready, and out the door to get her to school on time.  Gone are our lazy mornings! It has been so fun to watch her grown and change.  It is crazy how much school changes your kid, and allows them to mature.  She is so cute, sweet and thoughtful and I love to hear her talk about her school day.


On the work front, I quit my job at the salon to pursue a small home business so that I could be home for my kids.  I miss the energy of the salon and the social side of it, but all in all I am very happy to be working from home, making my own schedule, and being available for the kids.  My heart right now is to be a stay at home mom and if this is how I have to do it then that’s alright by me!  I have been very fortunate to have most of my clients make the drive to me, and referrals as I do not do any outside advertising.  I also am really focusing on building my blog and more recently my youtube channel.  I love this creative outlet, and even though it is a ton of work, it bring me a lot of happiness and I enjoy all the connections I make with like minded people. I really hope to see substantial growth next year, and turn it into an income source for our family.


My husband also had a big year, after a 10 month lay off from his job as an electrical apprentice with the union he was finally re hired and was able to finish his last few hours and write his license which he passed on the first try! I am so proud of him and we are so thankful that part of his career is over. Being licensed opens so many more doors and even if there is future lay offs he is much safer now.  During his time off, he was able to work doing general labour for a custom home building company.  He learned many valuable skills and had a great experience there.


Those were the high lights of 2016, it is crazy how fast year goes by.  It is like you blink and it is over, but then you look back at how much happened and changed.  Each day is a gift and I am thankful for each day of 2016! What was your year like?  Any big changes or exciting things happen?  Leave a comment below! Wishing you and your family a happy new year!

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