Mens Hair Trends 2016

So my last blog was about women’s trends in hair, and I couldn’t leave the gentlemen hangin! Now more then ever, men are really taking on a style, or a persona.  Even though, “all man”, and the “boy’s boy” guys want a polished look.  The simple haircut,  so it looks […]

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Spring 2016 Hair Trends

Here are the top trends for the spring! If you have been following me for a while, you know my first love is HAIR! It’s the accessory you wear every day, and it’s a beautiful living canvas, for us hair dressers to create art, form, shape, colour, and texture. A […]

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So you hate frizz?

With spring just around the corner and our humid summer to follow I am bringing back one of my most popular posts from the old blog! OK, who is with me on this one?  I have naturally curly thick course hair. My curls can be quite beautiful, but surprise surprise […]

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