Foster and adoption information, and stories.

Party of six

Today started as an ordinary day.  It was our 12 year “dating” anniversary.  Hubby had the day off work, and after taking the girls to preschool, we had a quiet morning cleaning up and hanging with the little babe.  Around 11am I turned off the vacuum, and checked my phone […]

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Finally, a real foster mama.

OK, I want to start off with apologizing for not posting for over 2 weeks! W recentley had the joy of welcoming a sweet baby boy into our family. He is a tiny little guy, and has a very demanding feeding schedule, more so than an average healthy infant.  This is […]

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Knit Together by Adoption

Well as we wait with anticipation on the arrival of our new little bean, I wanted to share with you all what led us to this point and how we got here. Hubbs and I have 2 beautiful, amazing daughters. I am so blessed, and privileged to have been able […]

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