Updates and General Life.

Americana Waves Water Park & Hotel – Niagara Falls

We said goodbye to our foster sons a little over a week ago.  Everyone asks how we deal with the sadness of saying goodbyes to these little people we love so much.  Honestly, the best way I can get through is just to keep busy.  I also like to plan […]

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Growing up with a sibling with Down Syndrome.

Happy WORLD DOWN SYNDROME Day! Did you know DS rocks?  I mean people that have been blessed with an extra chromosome, are truly some of the best people I have ever met. Sure they may not have the intellect that us full chromosomers have, but their hearts?  I am convinced God […]

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Adios 2016

Wow.  Another year has come and gone.  2016 was a huge year for my family and I.  We started fostering, and have had 6 kiddos in our home.  That is really crazy to process, because that sounds a bit crazy when I type it out but it truly has been […]

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So this is 30

Well I was kind of dreading the big day.  The big 3-0.  For some reason it feels like the end of my youth.  Like being 30 makes me a real adult now.  I am sure in ways that is true, but as I stopped and looked back on all I […]

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October Goals

I love setting goals, and seeing them come to life.  On Sundays I spend some time in my planner each week writing down goals, and things to get done.  Ever since starting a healthier lifestyle I have found setting goals to be especially important.  So I wanted to share with […]

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