2 minute healthy breakfast?

Lets be honest mamas.  Most days I am lucky to finish my coffee before it gets cold, let alone get a nutritious breakfast in my belly.  I have recently started a 30 day challenge on healthy eating and exercise.  More about that later.  One thing I have learned and re learned is eggs are such a great food, nutrient dense and high in protein, which helps to feel fuller longer and promote fat loss.  Eggs are not my most favourite thing to eat, but this recipe is quick easy and super tasty!  With a special omelette maker, I have no excuse not to make this healthy breakfast a reality daily.


1 tsp Coconut Oil


1tbsp Salsa

2 tbsp Cheddar Cheese(or cheese of your choice)

Dash of Black Pepper

Hot Sauce (optional)

Either use a non stick spray or, as I prefer pure coconut oil brushed onto this handy cooking tool.  This is the silicon omelette maker from Epicure. I love it! Makes breakfasts so easy! Crack 2 eggs and whisk to separate, add salsa, a pinch of shredded cheese and a sprinkle of black pepper.

Close it up and pop into the microwave for 2 minutes and voila an easy, healthy, tasty omelette.  Now using the microwave is not my favourite way to cook, but it is essential for me to get a warm breakfast in daily.

You can easily add any of your favourite ingredients in there, when I do have a little extra time I like to add chopped peppers, mushroom, and spinach.

If you want to purchase this and other great cook wear options check out Epicure


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