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Foster Care Binder – Keeping it organized

The one thing that is certain about foster care, is there is a TON of paperwork.  Having an organized foster care binder will make your life so much easier.

There can be a lot of transition in your home as a foster parent.  Just when you are getting used to one child, they may leave and you have another placed in your home.

The social workers, doctors, visitation, and meetings are a lot to keep up with, so having a foster care binder when you can keep everything organized and easily available is so key!

I have been using this binder system for a while now, and it has really helped in my second year of fostering.  The first year with out the foster care binder I was a mess.  I had papers everywhere and I couldn’t find what I needed, when I needed it.

I searched online but couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for so decided to create my own, and I wanted to share it with you.

 I created these free printables for a foster care binder.

Simply print them out and add them to a binder with dividers.

Foster Care Binder

  • Foster Care Pre Placement Questions
    Foster Care Pre Placement Questions
  • Basic Info on Child
    Foster Care Binder
  • Contact Sheet: This includes contact info for all workers, doctors, therapists, etc.
    Foster Care Binder
  • Medical (History and medication sheets)
    Foster Care BinderFoster Care Binder
    Foster Care Binder
  • Court Records: I record what happened at court, and the next court date, what the plan is and who gave me the update.
    Foster Care Binder
    Foster Care Binder
  • Monthly Reports:  Every agency does this a bit different.  We meet with our children’s worker monthly, I know others are required to fill out a monthly form.  I designed a free printable about all the aspects of the child’s life that we will need to discuss and fill it out on there prior to the meeting, and then fill in additional notes during the meeting.
    Foster Care Binder
    Foster Care Binder
  • Plan of Care: Our agency mails us out official plans of care, so I put them here in a clear sheet.
    Foster Care Binder
  • Injuries: record any injuries and when and who you reported it to.
    Foster Care Binder
  • Visitation:  I print out their visitation calendar, and I highlight it in 3 colours to show
  1. Good Visit – No problems
  2. Problems – Late, something upsetting happened, sickness, concerning comment
  3. Cancelled or No ShowFoster Care Binder
    Foster Care Binder

I also indicate on the calendar if I drove or we had a volunteer driver.  I record the name of any drivers we use, and it is also a way to help me track mileage expenses.

  • Expenses:  A sheet to keep track of any additional expenses.
    Foster Care Binder
  • Other Information: Anything Additional, or that doesn’t clearly fall into a category goes here.

Each section has some extra lined paper for notes, and some clear sheet protectors to hold any incoming documents.

All of the kids art work, either gets saved or scanned and added to a flash drive that stays in a zipper pouch in the front of the binder.  I also add pictures of the child onto this flash drive.

I hope these printables help you to stay more organized in your foster care journey!  Simply add your email to the box below and they will be sent your way! I hope this foster care binder covers all your needs, if you have any other thoughts that would make this more helpful to you please send them my way! I want this binder to be a complete resource for you!







Foster Care Binder Printables


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