Honeymooners in Mexico

Mayan Riviera

I am getting a little nostalgic thinking about our 7 year wedding anniversary coming up very soon. We had the best honeymoon! Other than the obvious, beach and poolside relaxing, we did a few excursions.  We stayed at the beautiful Ocean Coral & Turquesa.  At the time it was a very new resort, and we loved all the modern decor and amenities.  I highly recommend this resort! The food was great, the beach was beautiful, and the staff was super helpful, and friendly.  This was my first time ever to an all inclusive, and it definitely did not disappoint!  We arrived early afternoon, and our room wasn’t quite ready but they took our bags and we headed down to the beach.  We just happened to get married when the swine flu was going on.  This happened to be a great thing for us, as a lot of people had cancelled their vacations and the resort was quiet. The staff gave us extra attention.  We got our room upgraded to an ocean view. It was beautiful!

Ocean Coral & Turquesa has 4 beautiful pools, they even had all these little waterfalls and underwater loungers built right in.  It was so relaxing!


We spent most of the time in this pool, as you can see it has a beautiful swim up bar! The bar staff was fantastic, and the pina coladas were delish!

There are 7 restaurants, and although we didn’t get to enjoy them all, the ones we did were superb! We loved the buffet, it had a ton of variety.  The water is all filtered and safe to drink.  The Mexican restaurant was so good we ate there 3 times! The Italian restaurant was very good as well. The pasta dish I had there was so yummy! They had a really cool sports bar called the score, where you got traditional pub food.  There was some exciting soccer games going on while we were there so the atmosphere in the Score was fun and upbeat.  Great hamburgers too! There was also an oriental restaurant, and a seaside marina that featured caribbean, seafood dishes.  We didn’t eat at these 2, but I’m sure they were just as good as the rest! There was also a cool little snack bar that had the best nachos and cheese! There was a really neat crepe stand and a coffee bar too!

The hotel is decorated in a modern caribbean style.  There was live music in the lobby at night, where you can get free wifi. Our bed was very comfortable, and our ocean view room gave us the best ocean breeze.  I loved waking up in the morning and heading out to our little balcony.  I can smell the salty air now as I think back!



We didn’t enjoy the spa, but there is a full service one there, and one of the massage therapists came around to give mini massages on the beach for free. That was perfect! We spent our spending money on excursions but the next time I go, I will definitely check out the spa!

The Mayan Riviera offers a lot of cool options, for the adventure seeker and history buffs. We went to Tulum, which an ancient mayan archeological site that is covered in Iguanas! It is also located on one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world.  Sand so white, and  water so clear, and warm. I really loved it there.  It was the perfect day trip for me and hubby, because he loves all the old history and stories about these sites, and I love seeing Iguanas and the beach! Of course I appreciated the history too.  It was a pretty unforgettable place.

We also went to Coba, where we were able to bike around the site and see the different structures.  There was a cool ball court, where the tour guide explained how the losers would be sacrificed for beheading! Don’t quote me on that it was 7 years ago, but I do remember it was a crazy concept!  We got to climb to the top of one of the pyramids.  All around it was just flat greenery.  It was quite the experience.




We went on another little adventure.  At the Jaguar Cenote. We went on a canoe ride, a tropical hike, we zip lined across a river with crocodiles (or so the tour guides told us, maybe just to scare us) then we repelled into the cenote, which was a pretty crazy, scary experience.  It was pitch black and then all of a sudden you hit this cold, cold, water!  The only thing living in there was little catfish, and bats because of how far under ground it was.

My favourite excursion we went on was to Rio Secreto, or in english, the secret river.  This by far was one of the collest places I have ever been.  Again due to the swine flue it was super quiet on all our tours and we ended up getting a private tour at Rio Secreto!

A local man discovered the entrance to Rio Secreto and in 2007 a very protected tour was created.  It is truly mystical and magical.  Full of stalactites, and stalagmites created by mineral deposits, it is truly one of the most beautiful place I have ever seen.  Its like an underground world.  Its unique in the fact that it is not completely covered in water like most of the cave and cenotes in Mexico.  There are parts you walk through and parts you swim through.  The coolest part was when our guide had us close our eyes, turn off our helmet lights, then open our eyes, it was completely dark, and completely silent, except for the occasional drip of water.  INCREDIBLE.  If its not on your bucket list, it should be!



We also went snorkling which was offered right at our resort.  It was amazing to see the beautiful coral reef, and tropical fish.  Our guide caught a sea turtle, and we got to see him up close.  That was pretty neat!  The ocean was really rocky that day and both me and hubby got sea sick, but it was still really neat, we just spent the rest of the day relaxing in our room and letting our tummies calm down!

I loved our honeymoon in the Mayan Riviera. It was the perfect trip! I would love to return one day!

honeymoon in mayan riviera

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