Jasmine and Kevin

I wanted to waited to make sure the whole world knew! I know there are spoilers out there all over the internet, but I refuse to be that person! So a few weeks later I am ready to write this post.

OK so as we all know Jasmine picked Kevin from Waterloo Ontario.  I think they are an adorable couple.  To be honest I was really thinking/hoping for Mikhel, but there really was no doubt that Jaz and Kev had some serious chemistry.  They were the only couple that had real disagreements, and fights on the show.  That shows you it’s real, and you know that there is chemistry, and passion in their relationship.

If you look back at the show and watch them, their relationship developed quick.  He was quite smitten with her very early on.  It took her a bit longer but once she heard that “Captain Canada” comment she was locked on him.  I really hope these 2 can make it work.  When they were chatting on the after the final rose show, it came up that they had been arguing a bit after watching the show back, and having to be separated.  I mean, that has got to be so tough – I feel like if I was on that show, and made it to the end I couldn’t go back and watch the other relationships.  Kevin seemed very jealous, so I can only imagine how difficult it was for him to watch some of her more intimate moments with the other men!  All in all, I think they will be a great match and let’s hope they get married on air! Who knows maybe I will run into her when she is visiting her in laws since we live in the same area!  Oh and can we just take a quick minute to talk about his haircut! Ughh he had such bad hair, lol so glad she spruced him up a little!  Way to go Jasmine!

Poor Mikhel, I just felt so sad for him.  He has such a good heart.  He loved her so much.  I hope that he finds his true love one day very soon.  He really is a catch, and it must of been so hard for her to say goodbye to him! Who knows maybe he will be the next Canadian Bachelor! Speaking of….. Nick Vail’s season starts in a month! That is something to look forward to, when trying to beat the January blues!



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