Men Tell All! The Bachelorette Canada

So this week was the Men tell All! It is always fun to see the guys all come back, and give their input on the show.  First lets talk about the Chris and Drew drama.  Drew is definitely a bit of a bully.  He thinks he is all that and a bag of chips, and I mean really?  After this show, I find it hard to believe girls are going to be falling for him left right and centre, like he seems to portray.  He calls himself the villain, and even in that he is just trying to gain attention.  There must be some sort of shortcoming that he is trying to make up for.   Then when he attempts his pathetic apology, he corrects Chris’s way of saying genuine.  Like really?  That man just has me shaking my head.  I don’t even want to spend any more energy on him, so lets move on to Benoit.  He is just such a sweet french man.  Yes he was over the top but these guys get fed alcohol all the time so it’s hard to blame him!   He was very sweet to her the whole show and he will make some girl very happy one day.  Let’s go back to the jerks for a second, I don’t even know his name but the guy that handed Chris the kleenex, and then later shows him hitting Mikhel in the family jewel area… like really?  Another one I shake my head at.

Chris is quirky, but definitely genuine, and I am sure the show’s exposure will find him a very sweet wife.  Heck, it looked like half the audience was falling in love with him!

OK lets talk about Mike.  I mean, he is just too sweet.  He reminds me of my husband a little bit.  HIs quiet, sweet demeanor.  I still think they would have been a great match buttttt did you see that knowing smile that Noah shot at Mike when he talked about good things…. I think he might be in the running for the next bachelor! He would be such a good and deserving bachelor!  I could be reading into Noah’s smile a bit, probably just wishful thinking.  SO far the Canada series is pretty random, it’s not like the US where they announce the next bachelor/bachelorette at the finale, although it should be that way, so get on that Canada!

OK last but not least let’s talk about the clip they played for the finale.  I still vote for Mikhel, but after seeing Kevin’s raw emotions you can tell how hard he has fallen.  I am so excited for Tuesday! I always try to post these a few days after the show hits so I am not a spoiler!!! Which means…. only 5 more sleeps til we find out who Jasmine picks!

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