Mens Hair Trends 2016

So my last blog was about women’s trends in hair, and I couldn’t leave the gentlemen hangin! Now more then ever, men are really taking on a style, or a persona.  Even though, “all man”, and the “boy’s boy” guys want a polished look.  The simple haircut,  so it looks neat, just isn’t cutting it with the ladies these days.  The “hipster” movement is still huge, and many of the styles I am going to share may or may not be accompanied by a beard and oversized dark rimmed glasses.  Plaid shirt optional.  Sorry did I just stereotype?

1. #sidepart – I would say 80% of the men in my chair, leave with some variation of the side part.  I remember back in my early hair days, practicing on my now hubby, then boyfriend. I used to part his hair to the side, he would give me this look and we would laugh and laugh at how funny he looked. It would bring him back to the days of being a little boy, and his mom combing his hair to look “smart”, and how his grandma would say how “dapper” he looked.  Well ladies and gents, dapper is back and sexier then ever! My “man’s man” rocks it proudly and he is hot. It did take him some convincing when I did it for the first time about 6 months ago, but now its quite popular and mainstream within the salon.

2. #topknot  or #manbun– These aren’t just for ladies anymore. More and more men are sporting this style. I love it.  Currently I have a few clients that are working on growing it out to achieve the perfect top knot. I can’t see my hubby allowing me to do this anytime soon but the more fashion savvy men are ALL ABOUT IT!

3. #tousledandedgy – This is a great transition cut from the side part, to the top knot.  Done but un done, more length, messy, yet sexy, great texture.  Bonus is, it works well on many hair types and  requires little effort. Pushed back off the face, no “spikes” or “faux hawk” to be seen, this is definitely a look that is going to be trendy for a while.

Did I mention, scruff optional?  #ormaybenot

Well there you have it.  Top 3 sexy hair styles, guaranteed to attract the eyes of the ladies. Here are some of my most favourite products for males. Eufora’s Hero line is great from start to finish. They smell amazing and they even have hair growth products that WORK!  I also love Lock, Stock and Barrel’s “pucka” is amazing on fine hair and “85 karats” is the best for hold factor.  I cannot forget Bedhead’s Matte separation workable wax. A matte wax with excellent hold, with a great pricetag.  These are just some of my faves! Ladies, if your man is trying but still can’t quite get the right look, buy him one of these products, some men just don’t get that dippidy do gel isn’t for everyone.

Tips to apply product.

1.  Work the product between your palms for a few seconds, especially if you are working with a heavier wax or putty.

2.  Apply all over your hair, as if you were shampooing your hair

3.  Don’t be shy to use the blow dryer to add in the shape. Side part won’t stay down? Aim the nozzle right at the root area on low speed, high heat. Don’t try sculpting the look right away, make sure you have product everywhere!

I see far too many men walking around with “clumps” of product or even worse only product in the front and the back is looking all fluffy, blowing in the breeze. Even application is the key to success.

Xox Kait

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