November Goals

So I know we are already over half way into November but it has been a crazy month for us as tomorrow marks 4 weeks with our new foster sons.  This has been the most challenging placement yet, so some things have had to sit on the back burner.  However, I feel like I have a handle on things now, and we are in a good routine so I can back to crushing goals!

Here were my October Goals

  • Lose 7-10 lbs – this is not set in stone as I am gaining muscle as I go through this weight loss journey, but I would definitely like to annihilate some more fat!

We got the boys, and then I got super sick, then I had to have a minor procedure that required stitches so for over 2 weeks I did not work out once 🙁  The good news is I haven’t gained any weight. 

  • Work out 6 days per week every week

See last answer.

  • Drink 2 Gallons of water per day – I am close but want to get that intake up a little higher

Nope, sucked at water intake as when I do not work out regularly I don’t stay focused with water intake.

  • Read a book – I have found it to be very hard to read books since having kids, I used to love reading and I have replaced that with working on my blog, netflix, or reading short blogs but there is nothing like getting lost in a book

I got one half done so that’s a start! 

  • Organize a women’s get together with some ladies from my church – would like to repeat this monthly.  Something so strong and valuable about women getting together to share in the Word.

Nope – October wasn’t my month. 

  • Be more intentional with my one on one time with my 3-year-old – We are the second month in with her big sister being gone to school, I want to make sure this time we have together is spent well as she will be off to school next year too!

We had lots of fun and one on one time.  Now it is all about balancing my time since I have 3 at home again! 

  • Plan a date night with my hubby (this never happens often enough)


  • Redo and re plan our family budget


  • Gain a new client for my in home salon

Well just about my only win I gained 3 new clients this month 🙂 

So as you can see excuses, and valid reasons took over the second half of the month and stuff just didn’t get done.   So my goals for this month are not going to be that much different but I do intend on crushing them so in addition to these goals I have a couple more.


  • Produce and Upload at least 5 videos for my youtube channel
  • Create a minimum of 8 blog posts but shooting for 10
  • Organize my house – one room at a time and blog about it!
  • Finish all the little projects (hanging pictures, painting furniture)
  • Paint Basement
  • Decorate for Christmas

Ok I could go on and on but we only have a couple of weeks left of November so I am going to stop here!

What are your goals for the month?

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