October Goals

I love setting goals, and seeing them come to life.  On Sundays I spend some time in my planner each week writing down goals, and things to get done.  Ever since starting a healthier lifestyle I have found setting goals to be especially important.  So I wanted to share with you not only my fitness goals, but some personal goals for the month too.  This is big month for me, in a few short days I turn the big 3-0 ahhhh feels so weird to say.  As I reflect back on my 20’s I think I achieved most of the goals I wanted.  Life has really changed as I approach 30 and my goals for the next decade will surely be different.  I will save that for another post but today I just want to focus on some goals for this month.  Did you know when you write goals done you are much more likely to actually accomplish them? Here are my big goals for the month of October!

  • Lose 7-10 lbs – this is not set in stone as I am gaining muscle as I go through this weight loss journey, but I would definitely like to annialate some more fat!
  • Work out 6 days per week every week
  • Drink 2 Gallons of water per day – I am close but want to get that intake up a little higher
  • Read a book – I have found it to be very hard to read books since having kids, I used to love reading and I have replaced that with working on my blog, netflix, or reading short blogs but there is nothing like getting lost in a book
  • Organize a women’s get together with some ladies from my church – would like to repeat this monthly.  Something so strong and valuable about women getting together to share in the Word.
  • Be more intentional with my one on one time with my 3 year old – We are the second month in with her big sister being gone to school, I want to make sure this time we have together is spent well as she will be off to school next year too!
  • Plan a date night with my hubby (this never happens often enough)
  • Redo and re plan our family budget
  • Gain a new client for my in home salon

October is such a good time to set some goals, the weather changing and the summer fun behind us, it is easier to get back into routines, and habits and find some time to start something new!  Let me know in the comments some of your October goals!


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