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So you hate frizz? You need Cezanne


Cezanne Smoothing Treatment Review

OK, who is with me on this one?  I have naturally curly thick course hair. My curls can be quite beautiful, but surprise surprise I hate them.  We always want what we don’t have right?  

Now since having the girls my hair is a whole other kind of crazy.  Before my frizz was manageable and I still complained.  Now its not even close to being manageable, and since I hate complaining, I just need to do something about it…. I know what you are thinking, “you are a hair dresser lady, if you can’t control the frizz how can I”?  

Well my friends, let me tell you about a little secret called Cezanne. Years ago the popular Brazilian Blowout was born and many other similar brands.  We loved it, clients and stylists alike.  However these products where then proven to be damaging to our health and Health Canada banned them from the market!!

Since then many brands have popped up claiming to do what BB did and epic fail after epic fail ensued.  It either damaged your hair or did nothing.

 Finally a beautiful product called Cezanne was introduced and we fell in love! I have had the treatment done three times, and am loving my hair again!

My hair is frizz free, dries in half the time, and is just so much easier to style! These days I like to blow dry then add soft waves with a curling iron – thats my go to look – before Cezanne I would have to straghten and defrizz the top of my hair with a flat iron before waving it or it was just CRAZY! No a quick blow dry and a few passes with the curling iron and I m good to go! Want to more about it?  If you live in the GTA come get it done at Salon Jade.

The process takes a couple hours but is very relaxing – the results will last up to 5 months.  It does not kill your curl just your frizz! It makes fat frizzy hair skinny!! I love it and if you have hair like mine you will too!

They also having amazing after care products to ensure longevity of results and they smell delish!

This picture is directly from their website.  I am due for another one soon and I will put my before and afters up so you can see!


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