Spring 2016 Hair Trends

Here are the top trends for the spring!

If you have been following me for a while, you know my first love is HAIR! It’s the accessory you wear every day, and it’s a beautiful living canvas, for us hair dressers to create art, form, shape, colour, and texture. A common question we get at the salon is what’s the trend for this season?  No one wants to be stuck with last seasons hair do! So here is the top 5 hair trends we are seeing on the runways, editorial spreads, and mainly every day life!

1. #longhairdontcare – Length is back – but when was it ever out?  Beautiful, shiny, healthy, long hair will always be in style as long as you don’t let it go the horse tail route…Yes you heard me – long hair can be too long and then you just look like a horse.  No one wants that.  So keep those ends fresh, and make sure to trim regularly to avoid splits. Did you know, the longer you leave spilt ends, the higher up the hair they travel?  On the journey to find moisture which comes from your scalp, your dry tips will just keep fraying, and looking awful.  Meaning, you have to get more cut off when you sit down in your hair dresser’s chair.  Your hair grows 1/4 to 1/2 inch every month.  Some ladies are blessed with even faster growth. So to ensure a long healthy length, I recommend to get 1/4 inch trim every 12 weeks. This will allow it to continuously grow, and stay healthy. If you are a colour addict and frequently change up your look – you need to be trimming more often – every 8 weeks. You also need to ask your hair dresser if they use Olaplex when lightening your hair. If they are not, then find a new hair dresser! I will blog about Olaplex in a future post, but just a quick look into what it is…a wonderful little miracle.

As for styling those long locks, pretty much anything goes right now! A favourite at the salon is the “beach wave” – I am going to do a future post on the best products for this look in the near future!


2. #clavicut – This is what I am currently rocking. I recently cut off about 5- 6 inches ready for a fresh change for spring.  This is super popular in the salon right now. Something about the change of seasons, that make women want to cut off their hair! Its a gorgeous textured cut, that hits your clavicle bone – the key to rocking this is again “the beach wave”.  Watch for a vlog where I will show you how to do it with various tools! However, this also looks banging when it’s straight and sleek, with a touch of tousle, as long as your hair dresser knows what she or he is doing with the cut .

It looks best with a middle part, or a slight side part, with a longer bang, but it can still be rocked with a textured fringe too!


3. #lob #longbob – This isn’t quite as popular as it was a few months ago, but it is a classic shape that solves a problem for women who are attached to their length.  So, therefore it is still a top cut asked for in the salon.  Essentially this is a much longer version of the Victoria Beckham haircut of the 2000’s – an angled bob with way more length, hitting below the collar bone in the front, and resting at the top of the shoulders in the back. There are many variances with more dramatic angles, and texture vs a more solid shape look.  Its classic, sassy, and makes you feel like you have long hair, with a great shape, so its not just hanging there.  Khloe Kardashian has recently chopped off her long locks for this kind of look and women world wide are following this trend


4. #hairpainting – The trend is away from foiling, and definitive line highlights.  Colours have been trending to a softer look for the past 3 years now. Ombre is still in, but people want an even softer sun kissed look. This trend has really hit the main stream salons in the past year and a half.  It took a while for people to get over the fact of having a look with “roots” for lack of a better word. Now everyone wants the soft subtle, “the sun did this”, “I want my colour to look like my daughters hair”, kind of colour.  If your hair dresser is keeping up with their education, I am sure they have taken a hair painting class recently. #sombre #balayage and #ecaille (tortoiseshell) are just some of the amazing looks and techniques.  These all fall under the hair painting world, where the highlights are designed exactly for your head shape, and the way your hair naturally falls.   Straight up, hair painting can be done right from the new growth, creating a baby soft transition. This keeps people guessing “was she really just born with hair that beautiful”?  At the salon we recently had the time of our lives getting inspired by Jenny of The Paint Box in Brooklyn, New York – a crazy, passionate, trendy, urban, hair painting guru who doesn’t even touch foils anymore.  She rocks, we love her and we learned so much from her creative little hands! If you are in the area, her salon is definitely worth a visit!

#greyandsilver – This trend is definitely popular with the younger girls.  The more mature ladies just don’t get it but we have clients coming in all the time wanting silver.  Please note, silver and other pastels in fact are HIGH MAINTENANCE. If you cannot commit to being in the salon monthly, and going home with tinted conditioners to maintain, then please do not bother.  To have a truly beautiful grey or silver, the hair must first be completely lightened to a white, any left over yellow will give you an ugly end result.   On top of your tinted conditioners or at home toners, you will need a hair masque to maintain moisture and elasticity in the hair for a beautiful colour. Personally I love when this look is shadowed at the root, like an ombre effect – it looks so hot! If I had the time to maintain this I would definitely do it, but at this stage of my life with littles I need low maintenance! 

Please note – I take no credit for any of these photos – all were found on google image search.  I am terrible at remembering to take before and afters of my clients and these photos are not my work just meant to give you visuals!

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