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Welcome to my little online place. I am here to celebrate the inner and outer beauty of motherhood.  Beauty professional turned stay at home mama, I am here to provide you with beauty advice, parenting solutions, and encouragement for every day mom life. Find your happy, embrace your beauty,  live a life you love, and lets have some laughs along the way!

I started this blog to connect with other women on this journey called motherhood.  A creative outlet, I love to inspire others and I pour my heart and soul into this space, and I am so glad you are here, so Thank You!  I like to write on a variety of topics all within the motherhood world, because as you know we wear many hats.  You will find posts on parenting, fostering/adoption, beauty tips and tutorials, product reviews, DIY projects, healthy recipes, family life, running a household, etc.

Beauty Qualifications? I have got you covered! I am a hair stylist, and aesthetician, with over 14 years in the beauty industry.  Although I wouldn’t consider myself a make up artist, I have taken some make up courses, and have worked backstage on many photo shoots, and I am definitely a make up enthusiast! I love all things beauty and fashion, and love to share my knowledge with others.  I am passionate about making women look, and feel their most beautiful, and showcasing that confidence from within.  Of course being beautiful on the inside is the most important thing, but having fabulous hair, make up, a great outfit, and on point nails goes a long way to a mama’s confidence.  Trust me, the days of wearing spit up, and baby poop as an accessory will not last too long!  Slowly, by slowly you will want to lose the yoga pants, put on some real clothes once again, and maybe run a curling iron through your hair!

Parenting Expert? Haha no but….  I am married to a wonderful man, and we have 2 beautiful daughters. I am also a foster mama to many.  The hubby and I are on a journey to our forever child.  We feel very strongly we are to adopt one day.  Whether thats through the foster care system, or an international adoption, that part of our story has yet to be written.  I share a lot about our story so far, and what we have learned about caring for foster children.   Kids that come from broken places, and challenge us to our breaking point, kids that need more than just a good mom.  I am a little crazy about researching best methods, and practices in parenting, as I am striving to raise happy, confident, loving children that will contribute positively to society.  I believe life is not meant to be lived comfortably, but meaningfully, and I strive to serve others.  However, I also strongly believe in a mothers intuition.  You must learn to love yourself first, in order to love others well.  So mamas, I am here to help you take care of you, so you can take care of those kids!

Need a mama friend?  It takes a village.  Motherhood changes you in a way no other thing can change you.  You need people in your corner, to help you, support you, laugh with you, cry with you and walk this crazy thing called motherhood with you.

Leaving a fast paced successful beauty career to become a stay at home/work at mom drastically changed me.  Staying home full time is an amazing thing, but can also be very lonely without adult interaction!   So lets connect, and be friends!

Well if you read to here…THANK YOU! To sum it all up, I am all about keeping it real, and keeping it all together. My life is full of chaos, and cuddles but I wouldn’t have it any other way!