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My name is Kait.  Wife to an incredible man and father (Greg).   Mother to many – 2 beautiful  daughters (Pearl and Ruby) and foster mom to 8 little gems over the last 2 years.  Forever grateful to our Creator, destined to live a life of purpose, and lover of all things beautiful.

I adore children, strong coffee, sparkly things, and making our house a home.

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Beauty professional turned stay at home/work at home mama, this motherhood blog was started as a creative outlet for me, and to connect with other like-minded mommies.

I want to share with you things that I am passionate about, laugh together at stories all us mamas can relate to, and provide you with resources to empower you to be the best mom you can be.


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beauty blogger

As we all know motherhood means wearing many hats and on the blog I share my thoughts, experience, and research on topics such as; foster care, adoption, parenting strategies, quick beauty tips for moms, product reviews, life as a stay at home mom, DIY projects, self care, keeping you and your family healthy, and encouragement for every day mom life.

What started out as only a beauty and motherhood blog eventually turned into a blog with a lot of info on foster care and adoption. Here’s why…

Passionate about orphan care, I try to make a difference in our beautiful but broken world.  Helping the the families of the children we have in our home is so important, usually they are at their lowest of lows and need all the support they can get.  It is not just about the foster children,  it is about the families.

We have had 8 foster children in our home.  6 going on to be reunited with their families.  I get asked all the time about how hard it is to say goodbye.  Yes it hurts more than you know.  Yes, it ruins me.  BUT the goal of foster care is always to reunite families and I support that 100% when safe to do so.

The hubby and I feel called to grow our family through adoption. We are on a journey to our forever child.   Whether thats through the foster care system, or an international adoption, that part of our story has yet to be written. I share a lot about our story so far, and what we have learned about caring for children in foster care.

I have to admit being a mom to a large family of 4 kids, aged 5 and under means most days are a hot mess express.  BUT I am all about self improvement, and love to share exactly what makes #momlife easier.  I think you must learn to love and care for yourself first, in order to love others well. So mamas, I am here to help you take care of you, so you can take good care of those kids.

Your Benefit

Connect you with resources, help you win at #momlife, embrace your beauty, and live a life you love.  I want you to feel confident and successful in your role as a mother.  Whether thats by sharing a parenting technique, beauty tutorial, or just laughing in a relatable motherhood moment.


motherhood blog

I believe life is not meant to be lived comfortably, but meaningfully.

Beauty Qualifications?

I have got you covered! I am a hair stylist, and aesthetician, with over 14 years in the beauty industry. Although I wouldn’t consider myself a make up artist, I have taken some make up courses, and have worked backstage on many photo shoots, and I am definitely a make up enthusiast! I love all things beauty and fashion, and love to share my knowledge with others.

I am passionate about making women look, and feel their most beautiful, and showcasing that confidence from within. Of course being beautiful on the inside is the most important thing, but having fabulous hair, make up, a great outfit, and on point nails goes a long way to a mama’s self esteem.

Trust me, the days of wearing spit up, and baby poop as an accessory will not last too long! Little, by little you will want to lose the yoga pants, put on some real clothes once again, and maybe even let out that top knot and run a curling iron through your hair!

Parenting Expert?

Haha no but….I have a little bit of experience! I have learned so much caring for kids that come from broken places, that challenge us to our breaking point. Kids that need more than just a good mom.

I am a little crazy about researching best methods, and practices in parenting, as I am striving to raise happy, confident, loving children that will contribute positively to society. I love to share what I learn through research and my everyday experience, I believe every mistake is a learning opportunity.

Through all that parenting research, mom fails, and mom wins I truly believe that at the end of the day, your mothers intuition is the best decision for your kids. Follow your gut. Love them hard, and figure out the rest as you go!

I am definitely not a perfect mom. Sometimes I struggle keeping it all together. What about you?
Need a mama friend?

It takes a village. Motherhood changes you in a way no other thing can change you. You need people in your corner, to help you, support you, laugh with you, cry with you and walk this crazy thing called motherhood with you.

I love to connect with all mamas, so don’t be scared to reach out!

Speaking of connecting, I also share life over on YouTube, so be sure to check out my channel and subscribe and hit that bell if you like what you see over there!

Leaving a fast paced successful beauty career to become a stay at home/work at home mom drastically changed me. Staying home full time is an amazing thing, but can also be very lonely and isolating without adult interaction!

Maybe you are in the same boat, and are trying to navigate this whole stay at home mom thing. I’m here for you girl!

Well if you read to here…THANK YOU! To sum it all up, I am all about keeping it real, keeping it all together, and feeling beautiful along the way. My life is full of chaos, and cuddles and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

as for my motto?



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