foster family

Living with boys

What it’s like to be a BOY MOM Well we have had our beautiful boys for 5 and a half months now.  Background, diagnoses, and the fact that they are not “my sons” aside, wow can I just say boys are a whole different world than my girls! The Mess! […]

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Navigating the tough questions from your Foster Children

Navigating the tough questions from your foster children There is a lot of tough questions in foster care. Questions from the agency to get approved, questions from friends and family who don’t understand why you would put yourself through this, and most importantly questions from the kids in your care. […]

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Transitioning Home – Reunification in Foster Care

Reunification in foster care is always the ultimate goal. When everyone does their job correctly within the system, this is a happy end goal.  There is joy, yet there is heartbreak. We got news a couple of weeks ago that our boys will be transitioning home at the end of […]

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Preparing a Bedroom for Foster Care.

Foster Care Bedroom When we were in the waiting phases to become foster parents, I scoured the internet for resources.  I did not find much, so I wanted to share with you what I found to be helpful, and what we implemented in creating our room for our foster children. […]

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Screaming in the night – Foster Care

Foster Care Lessons We have had our boys for 4 months today. Officially our longest foster care placement. We have court tomorrow, and we are not sure what the judge will order. Just another unknown. Will they be with us for March break? Will they be able to take the […]

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From 4 to 6 – Foster Care Happenings

This week is foster parent appreciation week.  We were invited to our first foster parent appreciation dinner.  We had a great time, I have met one great friend in a support group and we sat together with some older couples who have been doing it a bit longer.  It’s pretty […]

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