The Bachelorette Canada Episode 6 Review

I am a huge bachelor/bachelorette fan, I always have been since the days of Tristan and Ryan. That’s when it became my go to show that I refuse to miss! Haha I don’t know what it is about this show, but I get so excited about it.  I love bachelor nation.  I love that so many people come together to have watch parties.   I love the fashion, hair and make up looks of the girls.  Salon talk the next day was always great! Since I don’t have a salon full of stylists, and staff to talk to about this anymore, I thought I would put my thoughts here!

First off this is the first bachelorette Canada has had on the show.  There were 2 bachelors in previous years.  Brad Smith was alright, but didn’t end up with the girl.  Tim, well I actually went to high school with him, and didn’t know him too well but all in all lets just say it was a hard season to watch…. come on bach nation I think there must be some better choices out there!   Not to mention the film quality was nowhere near what viewers expected from the US show.  All in all Bachelor Canada was a disappointment.  The Bachelorette however is surprisingly great! First off the film quality is better so that is a huge improvement.  Jasmine Lorimer is stunningly beautiful, and seems genuine and sweet, but I love her sass, and how she knows exactly what to do to put a guy in his place!

Episode 6 aired this week and when the group gets smaller this is when I really start to love it.  They fill a lot of the first few episodes with just filler drama junk.  This week was great.  They are in Morocco, and Jasmine’s first date is with Benoit – the french maitre d from Montreal.  They have a good connection, they get silly together and are up for anything.  They seem to be attracted too each other but eeeeee relax with the kissing bud.  He is all over her like a puppy happy to see his master!   This week he seemed to tone it down a bit because last week she expressed a bit of distaste for how all over her he was!   He got the rose on his date but I predict him going home in the next couple of weeks.

Then there was the dreaded two on one date where someone goes home.  They set this scene up perfectly choosing the 2 completely opposite type of guys.  Mike the ripped, firefighter who got the first impression rose.  He is stable ,reliable, and safe but she worries maybe too stable like wtf  Jasmine isn’t that what you want in a husband?  Thomas the world travelling model got sent home.  She was very attracted to him and hello he is a world travelling model…. but is he husband material?  Sure one day, but right now his life is pretty glamorous, and I don’t see the average marriage, and settling down making him happy in the long run – he is the type of guy that needs a few more years. But hey I’m sure the show will help his career.  Not that I think that was why he was on the show, because he did seem pretty humble and genuine.

Next was the group date.  They walked the streets of Morocco checking out the market, getting caught in the rain, and then learning to make tea.  Kevin w(Captain Canada as he is called on the show) Drew (the self-absorbed narcissist) Kevin P  – he is the deck hand who just kissed her this week, and Makhel the sensitive cutie who gets butterflies when he sees her. Captain Canada throws a bit of a hissy fit when she doesn’t give him the group rose, and Makhel does, which I get the emotions are high jealousy roles in quick but c’mon dude this is what you signed up for.  This left things a bit tense in the rose ceremony between the 2 of them but in the end she made the best choice and that was getting rid of Drew.  The sleazy salesman.  All he did was talk about himself, laugh this sly laugh, and try to sell himself, he just changed who he needed to be to please her…. good salesman…. sure, great husband?  Not so much I pity the girl who marries him one day unless he makes a big change.  The way he exited the show was so disgraceful, telling the producers that the ratings would drop, and that Jasmine was f***ing stupid.  No bud, you’re the loser. You are not God’s gift to women, and I am so glad she kicked yo’ ass to the curb because she was caught up in your spell for a while there! It only takes so long before a persons true colours start to show.

So we are down to 5 guys next week, they are staying in Morocco another week.  I love seeing where they end up travelling to!   My top two picks are Mike and Makhel.  Next week I think Kevin W or Benoit are getting the ax.  Who else is loving the Canadian Bachelorette?  Leave a comment below with who you think will win!



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