The Bachelorette Canada – Hometown Dates

Well what did you guys think of this week’s hometown dates?

This week Jasmine visited Makhel in Newmarket ON,  Mike in Winnipeg and Kevin in Waterloo Ontario, which is in my neck of the woods! One of my clients actually works with a girl who dated him haha!

Mahkel’s date was great.  He told her he was falling in love with her.  He took her to the drive in on his motercycle which was a place he used to go as a teen and contemplate life.  His family was super sweet, his sister was very kind to Jasmine and his parents were cracking little jokes and they seem like a great family to be a part of!

Mike’s date was next.  His dad was just like him.  Everyone was encouraging him to go for it because he was being so reserved with his feelings. He did not tell her he loved her, until right before the rose ceremony but unfortunately that was too late.

Next was Kevin.  His mom was a bit crazy.  Like c’mon lady time to let go a little bit.  She was obviously over protective of him, but she actually came across as rude because of the ways he was speaking to Jasmine.  I don’t think Jasmine was very fond of her, and she even mentioned how hard it would be to blend into his family.  I agree…. seems like the mother in law from you know where…. stay away Jasmine!!  She does seem very into him and he did tell her he loved her but hmmmm you don’t just marry the person, you marry the family!

So in the end Mike went home – I called that, she was attracted to him but she always had reservations about how “too stable” he was for her.

So next week is the big week! Mahkel and Kevin will be meeting Jasmines family.  Personally I vote for Mahkel he seems so genuine but he does look like he is getting nervous about her breaking his heart so maybe he is getting a different vibe from her then we are seeing on the show!

Who do you think will get the last rose?


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